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Why Powerful Men Cheat – HeadDrama

This is an archived copy of the article that originally appeared May 17, 2011 on

Why Powerful Men Cheat

By KyAnn Lewis, Managing Editor

When a marriage involving a celebrity or politician breaks up, you know that there’s more to the story than a mutual split. When it comes out that the breakup had to
do with cheating or an affair, a lot of us roll our eyes. Can famous people be in monogamous relationships? Why do they get married if they can’t be faithful?

HeadDrama hit up Patrick Wanis, PhD for some answers. Dr. Wanis is a Los Angeles based Human Behavior expert, Therapist and author of Get Over It – breakups, betrayals and rejection!. As a celebrity life coach, he’s no stranger to the dangers of fame.

Dr. Wanis says, “For men, cheating is almost always about power because power corrupts! Men in power change and believe they are invincible – the rules and the law no longer apply to them, they are often hypnotized into believing that they won’t get caught.”

“Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Governor Mark Sanford, Governor Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and now the head of the IMF? There’s a dangerous link between power, infidelity and sex addictions. Men in power can be sensation seekers who love to take risks but they also have greater access and opportunities to cheat than the average man does. Even simple situations of power over another person can lead to cheating as exemplified by Arnold Schwarzenegger who now admits to secretly fathering a child with a household staffer”, says Dr. Wanis.

Does fame and celebrity mean infidelity are a given?

“Powerful men face greater temptation because they have power, control and command over other people. Power leads to cheating because it can lead to delusions of invincibility, entitlement and the male ego-drive to win, conquer and dominate”, says Dr. Wanis.

“The combination of access, temptation, delusions of invincibility and entitlement and the control over others also creates the ultimate test of morals and values as exemplified by priests who have molested boys in their care. Often, paradoxically, many of the cheaters are overly self-righteous men who end up doing the very things they were preaching against such as Elliot Spitzer.”

“Cheating by men is best summed up by Bill Clinton who said: ‘I did something for the worst possible reason-just because I could’; Tiger Woods admitted that he, too, was a victim of fame, power and its entitlement. Yes, power still corrupts”, concludes Wanis.

What do you think? Is a celebrity marriage doomed from the start? Are powerful and famous men just more prone to cheating? Knowing that- would you marry one?

Listen to the radio interview by Patrick Wanis Why Powerful Men Cheat With Powerless Women & Do The French Believe In “innocent until proven guilty” More Than Americans Do?

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