Are you feeling bad or heartbroken over your ex?
Are you ready to be happy again?

Behavior and relationship expert Patrick Wanis PHD, has the cure for you!

I believe everyone deserves to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship!

Did you and your ex love each other but you were constantly arguing?  Did you have issues over intimacy or wanting more time together? Did your ex betray you?  And now you want to know ‘why?’ and you feel angry, hopeless, sad, stupid, or guilty?

You need to:

1. Remove the painful emotions and beliefs about yourself and your ex

2. Discover the secrets to a happy, loving relationship

“It's natural that you feel like your emotions and thoughts are controlling you instead of the other way around!”

Your ex?

  • What role did your ex play? 
  • Was your ex an emotional vampire? 
  • Did your ex commit to you?
  • Did your ex gaslight you?
  • Was your ex at a different stage in life? 
  • Do you keep choosing the wrong person?

Time doesn’t heal you but my Breakup Cure will!

It’s what you do with time that will free you of your ex & the painful feelings, and bring you the love you crave and deserve. 

You’ve got to take the right action!

You need help to :

1. Change those thoughts of ‘I’ll never be happy; I’ll never find love; I am stupid, etc.’”

2. Release the anger, and feel confident about the future.

3. Be secure that you won’t be alone and you will be loved again!

4. Adopt a better strategy to overcome the breakup, and experience the type of relationship you truly want and deserve!

“YOUR subconscious beliefs & emotions determine your experience in relationships - good or bad”

Why me?

I’m an expert in human behavior and relationships and the creator of Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique (SRTT), with a PhD in Health Psychology, I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the first person to do hypnotherapy on national television in the US. Yes, I can and want to help you!

“I wish you had a desk next to me so I could ask your advice all day long.”

— Juliet Huddy, FOX NEWS

I’ve helped top athletes and celebrities, and millions of people just like you!

Testimonial For Patrick Wanis

So far over 5 million people have read my work in both English and Spanish.
And what I’ve learned after decades of research and working with clients
around the world, is:

“Every one of us has a limiting belief such as ‘I’m not good enough…I’m not lovable…I’m not worthy"


How do you think that affects your relationships?

You have got to change those thoughts – no more suffering,  awful relationships or self- sabotaging!

Time to rid the thoughts of shame and unworthiness!

“You deserve so much more, even if you don’t feel like that right now!”

You deserve a happy, loving, fulfilling relationship full of passion, intimacy and commitment – where you are worshiped and adored!

“That’s why I spent years compiling the insights, wisdom and processes in my new 8-hour audio program, “Get Over Your Ex Now! The Breakup Cure!”

“Time Doesn’t heal all, BUT, my Breakup Cure does!”

“Get over your ex and attract the right person who will match you and meet your real needs!”

You can pay $345 for a session with me or pay a lot less and you can use my NEW “Get Over Your Ex Now! Audio Program.” 

“If you haven’t experienced a one-on-one session my ‘Get Over Your Ex Now! Audio program is the next best thing!”

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8 Hours of priceless, extraordinary insights and strategies to help you get over your ex - PLUS 4 FREE BONUSES

Get excited about your future now!

Section 1: Understanding Yourself - Knowledge is power

You will identify:

  • Your personality type and your ex’s personality type
  • Your love language
  • Your values and your needs

You will benefit because:

  • You will find a partner
    compatible with you – someone who meets your emotional needs

Section 2: Secrets to Happy Relationships

You will identify

  • If you or your ex suffered from “Twisted Love”
  • The 6 different types of love
  • The 7 factors of attraction
  • Emotional Vampires
  • Roles we play – victim, rescuer or persecutor
  • Triangle of Love
  • Gaslighting
  • Emotional Bidding
  • Your “Attachment Style” – Secure, Anxious, Avoidant, Dismissive
  • The 14 stages of grieving a breakup

You will benefit because:

  • You will master the dynamics of relationships
  • You will become crystal clear about the real reasons your relationship didn’t work out
  • You will transform and let go of the roles and patterns you’ve been playing in relationships
  • You will now be empowered to look for what you truly need for a happy, loving, fulfilling relationship
  • You will find inner peace and leave behind the emotional roller-coaster.

Section 3: Transforming - Shame, Guilt, Fear & Forgiveness

You will identify:

  • The neurological reasons the breakup hurts so much
  • The 12 reasons you’re still craving or not yet over your ex
  • The difference between guilt and shame
  • The antidote to shame; a process to overcome and neutralize shame
  • Step-by-step help through the grieving process
  • How to find yourself again after the ex

You will benefit because:

  • You will ease the pain and hurt from the breakup
  • You will experience relief
  • You will let go of guilt, hurt, anger and shame
  • You’ll move quickly and easily through the grieving process to a place of love, joy, hope and happiness
  • You will find yourself again and celebrate the new you! 

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It doesn’t  matter what happened, I will help you to realize that you are worthy, good enough, and lovable!


Patrick Wanis Ph.D.

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Disclaimer: This information & program are not intended to be used as a substitute for help from a medical or mental health professional.