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Why Women Can’t Enjoy Sex By Patrick Wanis

Why Women Can't Enjoy Sex
Why Women Can't Enjoy Sex
Why Women Can’t Enjoy Sex

Why are so many women having a challenge enjoying sex? And are they even meant to enjoy sex?

“Few women feel good about their bodies” says Patrick Wanis, PhD -Human Behavior & Relationship Expert and Celebrity Life Coach. “Society and religion generally deny or blatantly condemn a woman’s right to sexual pleasure. Surveys reveal that at least fifteen per cent of women never experience orgasm—and many more women fake it.

“While outrage and concern grows in Britain over female genital mutilation, throughout the Western-male-dominated society, music, media and even fashion are geared primarily towards the pleasure of the man – not the woman; e.g. Hip-hop music says that the woman who has numerous sexual partners is a “ho” (whore) but the man who conquers many women is to be idolized as powerful – a stud or pimp. It also promotes the concept that the female is designed to please, serve and satisfy the male.

“We need to reveal the truth and help change the way women feel and perceive themselves, their body and sex”, says Wanis. “A woman’s body is designed for pleasure. The clitoris is the only part of human anatomy that was designed purely for pleasure. A woman can have a clitoral orgasm without it being directly tied to reproduction. She does not need to have a clitoral or vaginal orgasm to become pregnant but when a man has an orgasm he releases semen which is designed only for reproduction. In other words, unlike the male body, the female body was designed to experience pleasure separate from the process of reproduction.” Wanis has created a unique hypnosis audio to help free women of sexual guiltEnjoy Sex – Hypnosis for guilt-free great sex…for women © WOW Media -available at and click on CDs – Audio Books

**A full article on the topic of woman’s right to pleasure and female genital mutilation by Wanis is featured in the July issue of RUMagazine Texas .

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis, PhD, is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author and an Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Health Psychology. Wanis is a regular contributor to FOX News. Wanis coaches and works with various celebrities. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him ”A voice for women.” Over four million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.

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