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New Year –Finding your soul mate

New Year –Finding your soul mate
New Year –Finding your soul mate
New Year –Finding your soul mate

Online surveys reveal that finding a soul mate is one of the top new years’ resolutions for 2005

Polls taken in 2004 revealed that 80% of men and women believe they have soul mates but do not think they would be able to recognize them. Many people also fear they might make the wrong choice in a partner and end in misery or divorce.

Is there a simple key to finding your soul mate? What is the one thing you must fear and avoid when looking for your romantic soul mate?

Patrick Wanis, behavioral expert and better-life coach is author of “Soul mates” and “How to get over it –breakups, betrayals and rejection.” Patrick specializes in relationship advice. Patrick is the perfect expert to discuss soul mates and the dangerous and painful traps to avoid, and he can answer your audience’s questions on all aspects of soul mates including:

  • What is a Soul Mate?
  • How to recognize your Soul Mate
  • How to attract your Soul Mate
  • Where to find your Soul Mate
  • “If you are my Soul Mate, why am I so miserable?”
  • “What if my partner isn’t my Soul Mate?”

Patrick Wanis is an international speaker, certified therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world. He has authored: How to get over it –breakups, betrayals and rejection; Soul mates, and; What a woman wants –And how to give it to her.

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