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The Cure For Holiday Burnout

The Cure For Holiday Burnout
The Cure For Holiday Burnout
The Cure For Holiday Burnout

Let’s face it: Everyone has someone in their lives who treats them like crap!  Everyone! During the Holiday season, everyone’s issues intensify, and preparing for and celebrating the holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming with added demands, responsibilities, expectations, gift shopping and decorating. Family conflicts and work place conflicts further add to the Holiday stresses, and the result is … Holiday Burnout.

Patrick Wanis, Human Behavior Expert and Life Coach specializes in helping people overcome Holiday Burnout.  Wanis can illustrate to your audience how to diffuse stressful situations, arguments, stress and depression and how to relax and have fun this Holiday season. Using his simple equation: Thoughts = Feelings = Actions, Wanis teaches your audience how to take charge of how they think, feel and react.  And when the holiday burnout becomes too much, Wanis offers instant stress relief, through his highly praised MP3 audio file, “Relax Now”, a powerful 8-minute relaxation technique you can use anywhere, anytime.

Patrick Wanis is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of How to tap into the hidden powers of your mind.” Wanis is available to offer powerful tips, techniques and strategies as well as answer questions on all areas and aspects of the stresses that accompany the Holiday Season including:

  • How to handle the in-laws, spouse and other family members
  • The best gift to give to your spouse or partner
  • Loneliness
  • Financial problems & overspending
  • The  key to feeling better during times of depression
  • Travel anxiety

Patrick Wanis offers a simple five-point strategy to avoid Holiday burnout:

  1. Change your perspective -become aware of your choices and ask “How important is this?”
  2. Ignore the high pressure of an over commercialized Holidays
  3. Plan to take on only what you know you can handle
  4. Give yourself a break for ten minutes a day and relax now & re-energize
  5. Enjoy the moment and the task at hand

Patrick Wanis explains his Golden rule: “Remember, it’s not about you” When the people around you are angry and screaming, they are doing so because of their own issues. Once you finally can grasp that, it will instantly lower your stress level and diffuse or prevent arguments.   

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