Bush Sold Fear, Appealed To The Most Primitive Part Of The Human Brain And Won

Bush Sold Fear, Appealed To The Most Primitive Part Of The Human Brain And Won

Bush Sold Fear, Appealed To The Most Primitive Part Of The Human Brain And Won

Human Behavior Expert and former political journalist says Bush understands the most basic human emotions of love, hate and fear while Kerry failed to appeal to any emotions

New York, NY…George W. Bush won the 2004 US election because he understands human behavior by appealing to the most powerful and primitive emotion – fear” according to Human Behavior Expert, author and former political reporter, Patrick Wanis. The oldest region of the human brain, which evolved millions of years ago drives our instinct to survive and it controls the ruling emotions of love, hate, fear and lust and pleasure. “Ultimately all of our decisions are emotional, and we are controlled by the Pain and Pleasure principle, the fear of pain and the attraction to pleasure.”

“George Bush won the American people by appealing to the most primitive part of the human brain by instilling fear in people and convincing them that the US is only safe from its enemies while he is in power” says Wanis. “The reptilian brain (or brain stem) also drives needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating.”

“Bush’s critics have often condemned him as being arrogant and intimidating. However Bush’s consistent sales pitch has been that America is in danger and he created the image and perception that he is the protector, the powerful authority and father figure. This approach appeals to three key emotions from the primitive part of our brain (fear, hate and pleasure) as Bush pitched that Americans need to be scared, must hate the enemy, and that pleasure will be derived once freedom and democracy are attained for all” says Wanis.

“During times of fear and uncertainty, the human response is to seek safety and comfort in the known, and thus the fear that Bush sold has led to a return to conservative values, propping up Bush.”

“John Kerry lost the election because he could not appeal to most basic primitive human emotions and he did not offer a consistent solidified image and purpose. Kerry wavered on many issues and appeared weak and indecisive. He never made an emotional appeal to the people. He did not tap into the key ruling emotions of the fear of pain and attraction of pleasure. Kerry did not give the American people anyone to fear or hate and made a weak attempt at selling pleasure of better times under Kerry’s rule” concludes Wanis.

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