Your Greatest Regret?

In this Success Newsletter, I would like to share something that might just change your life.

Let me begin by asking you: What is your greatest regret? What will be your greatest regret?

I am often invited to speak at all sorts of events and engagements – even weddings!

About a year ago, I met over the phone a producer from a major TV news network who was booking me for a TV interview. Although she barely knew me, she was so deeply moved by my message regarding love, relationships and soul mates that she asked me to speak at her wedding. She said she wanted a unique message for her wedding guests, something that would inspire and motivate them, something that they could take home and remember for a truly long time. This invitation was a major honor and privilege to me.

I could fill many pages by telling you everything I said at her wedding but I will share two things that I spoke about. First: I shared with the audience all the reasons why she loved her fianci and why he loved her. As you can realize, this is not a common event at a wedding and every one of the wedding guests was thrilled to hear about the great and magical things that she and he see in each other – the reasons they love, value and appreciate each other.

Do you tell your partner all of the reasons you love him/her and why you are grateful and blessed to have him/her in your life?

Now, here is the second key point of my wedding speech: When you are lying on your deathbed, maybe close to your last few breaths, what will you remember about your life? What will be your regrets? What will be your greatest regrets?

I believe in my heart that your regrets will not be what you did but what you didn’t do!

Yes, we all make mistakes but our greatest most powerful mistakes are not the things we do but rather the things we fail to do.

So now, let me make another prediction about what you will regret not having done. Will it be the money or wealth you never amassed, the boat or car you didn’t buy, the mountain you didn’t climb or the country you never saw or experienced?

No, I believe it will be about love and forgiveness. Yes, I predict that your greatest regret will be something along the lines of: “I wish I had spent more time with my children, mother, father, husband, wife…If only I had told him/her how much I loved her…I wish I had been kinder to…”

One of my greatest regrets is that for all the wrong reasons, I never became close to my father and I chose not to forgive him till it was too late. He is now dead and I never got close to him, nor did he get close to me.

Don’t wait until it is too late. To whom can you express more love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion?

And so each day, I encourage you to also ask yourself a few questions, “How important is this event?” How important is it to become angry over the person in the other car who just jumped in “my” lane? Is the overtime (and the few extra dollars it will bring me) more important to me than spending time with the people I love? Will I regret when I am dying not having spent more time in the office or not having spent more time with my loved ones?”

Also, ask yourself, “What is truly significant to me? When I am close to dying, will I regret having done or not having done this thing?”

I find great peace, a new balanced perspective and even laughter when I remind myself in the moment, “Will I be thinking about this matter or thing when I am about to die?” I have also found that this simple question helps me to let go of my anger, doubt, criticism and judgment -of myself and others!

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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