Britney Spears’ Crummy ‘Comeback’ Comes as No Surprise to Insiders




Britney Spears’ Crummy 'Comeback' Comes as No Surprise to Insiders

Britney Spears’ Crummy ‘Comeback’ Comes as No Surprise to Insiders

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While music moguls and flocks of fans feel flabbergasted by Britney Spears‘ somber return to the stage, those close to Spears are not surprised by her strange spectacle on Sunday night.

According to an insider who used to work closely with the “Crazy” crooner, Spears’ behavior has been bizarre for quite some time.

“I wasn’t surprised when I watched her on the awards show,” said the former Britney employee who asked to remain anonymous. “You never know what Britney will do. One minute she’d want her hair black, then blond, then she’d make the stylist cut it short, then scream for hair extensions. She would order a chicken burger, then cry and demand a pizza or if she ordered a hot coffee suddenly she’d demand that it be an iced tea.”

The source also splurged that Spears’ mood often would suddenly switch in split seconds from smiles to sobs.

But is Britney to blame for her poor performance, or was she used and abused for ratings by MTV?

Apparently, Spears broke down both before and after her problematic performance. And although MTV didn’t return calls for comment, a Britney back-up dancer divulged that she wasn’t exactly remarkable in the rehearsal room, either.

“Britney never did the routine all-out. She just blocked it. I think that was the problem — she got out there on stage and coupled with nerves Britney just didn’t know how to do it properly. MTV was well aware she wasn’t up to it,” the insider told

And Spears reportedly was drinking margaritas while rehearsing her performance this weekend.

The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column and others report that Britney showed up to her Saturday rehearsal hours late, and she did it “with a frozen margarita in her hand.”

MTV reportedly ditched Britney’s original performance at the last minute, and perhaps her well-documented collaboration with illusionist Criss Angel became a disappearing act because he knew it was going to fail.

“In the initial meetings that we had, I gave my professional creative advice,” the magic man told “Extra.” “But I stepped out of the picture.”

Patrick Wanis, a human behavior and relationship expert, said it seemed as if Britney were on some sort of sedative and said her behavior was a “display of complete apathy.”

“She is subconsciously sabotaging her success,” Wanis said. “Remember, this girl has been through a lot and she doesn’t have a support base. It’s not about not having a good manager — it’s about not having your family and real friends beside you.”

But one thing MTV definitely isn’t to blame for is the barely there bikini that revealed all of Britney’s bulges.

“Britney really wanted to wear that. Everyone in wardrobe advised her against it, but she had her mind made up,” the insider added. “It’s like she’s still clinging to who she was five years ago.”

And Spears reportedly “forgot” to wear underwear yet again on Sunday night, revealing all as she emerged from a limo at the Luxor Hotel. Some speculated that photos on the Web could have been Photoshopped.

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