God, Chronic Anxiety & The War On Terror

God, Chronic Anxiety & The War On Terror

God, Chronic Anxiety & The War On Terror

Americans are more stressed out than ever and chronic anxiety is at an all time high.

The factors:

  1. The war on terror –the war is vague and indefinable –no geographical borders or specific nationality of the enemy, it’s an ideology, nature of the term “terror” predicates that the only way we will know war is over is when there is world peace and thus almost impossible
  2. Rise in natural disasters of enormous proportions –tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding etc, and fear of pandemic diseases –Bird Flu
  3. General instability and sense of insecurity and impending doom
  4. General sense of fear of an unidentifiable enemy
  5. General sense of confusion about the solution: which is more important –security or freedom
  6. Pressure of the Holidays and dealing with family and relatives with unresolved issues

Man has always suffered from chronic anxiety and turned to his concept of God to try and ease his chronic anxiety, pain, suffering, fear and general sense of confusion.

Is it working?

Patrick Wanis can speak clearly, concisely and intelligently about these issues from the POV of a Human Behavior Expert, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Wanis also has specific strategies to deal with chronic anxiety.  Wanis has authored “Finding GOD –Spiritual Strategies to Help YOU Find Happiness, Fulfillment and Inner Peace”, “How to get over it – Breakups, Betrayals and Rejection”, and “What a woman wants”. Wanis also coaches numerous celebrities.

Also, read Wanis’ article “Women suffer more emotional problems than men” which cites a study by the CDC revealing mental health problems are at an all time high: https://patrickwanis.com/blog/women-suffer-more-emotional-problems-than-men/

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