Life-changing experience on Montel Williams Show

Life-changing experience on Montel Williams Show

Life-changing experience on Montel Williams Show

I would like to share with you an experience that has changed my life and the lives of one family. This past week I was brought in by the Montel Williams TV show to help heal a family and save their marriage and family. Of all the therapists and experts on the files of the Montel show, they chose me and then chose to air this show in November during the most important TV period –Sweeps –rating contest. The supervising producer told me what I was doing has never been done in his fifteen years in daytime television. And I can tell you that you have never seen anything like it before on TV. I know that it would probably be best if I were to relate to you all the details of my experience with this family but alas that would take a book. I will tell you that this family has been changed forever and they are so grateful.

I will share with you now the experience of just one of the girl’s lives who was changed by my work. You will see the rest on the show in November.

This is a blended family – the husband has two daughters, the wife one daughter and the husband and wife have a 2 yr old daughter together. The two daughters are violent towards the step mother and their step sister. One of them, Chelsea, tried to strangle her step sister three times and kicked her step mother in the stomach when she was pregnant. Chelsea is just 14! She has the appearance of a thirty year old woman who has been a junkie – almost no life in her tiny, skinny body which looks like the body of an eight year old girl. Her eyes sunken, wearing heavy black eyeliner and such a sadness that the TV crew and producers wanted to just cry and hold her.


Chelsea and her sister were abused and sexually abused by various family members (not dad or the step mother.) Chelsea told me on camera that she is always angry and feels her father is trash! As I sat down to work with her, Chelsea couldn’t look up, her head down and her body so curled over that she was almost head down on the table. I had to begin to connect with her in this position – and while the cameras were rolling. As I continued to talk to her, attempting to help her feel that she could trust me, that she is safe, I was able to put her in a trance with her eyes open. I did not use a formal technique of looking up, breathing in and out, etc. I did something I have never done and following my heart and intuition, I just freely spoke and tried to feel her pain and model her body language, eventually putting her into a trance. Now with her eyes open and her body sitting up, I began to connect with her and lead her safely back to the abuse. The tears were constantly running down her face and as I was doing therapy, I was wiping her tears and blowing her nose. There were many moments that touched my soul and the soul of the two producers and camera crew present and recording this experience. One of the key moments happened when I asked her to imagine the little girl, the three year old that was abused. Take her in your arms. And again with her eyes open, still crying Chelsea motioned as if she was lifted the baby in her arms. I prompted her to speak to the little baby and ask her questions. The critical point occurred when I said ask the little girl what did she want to say to her mother. It took some prompting and then Chelsea uttered the words, “leave me alone.” ‘Say it again’ I told her. “Leave me alone.” ‘Say it again, louder’ I told her. “Leave me alone.” ‘Say it again, louder’ I told her raising my voice to give her courage to speak it from the depths of her soul. “Leave me alone.” ‘Say it again, even louder’ I told her. And then I felt it, and we all felt it, a chill shooting down our spine.

When I finished working with Chelsea, she walked outside and stood in the fresh cool night of a town near the northern cornfields of Michigan. I saw her dad who had not seen the session and I motioned to him and said “Go to her, just hug her and hold her. She needs you.” Dad did and they embraced and hugged. This was the moment that I had been waiting for. They stood and hugged for many minutes, and when they came back in, both of them had been changed forever. I had already worked with dad earlier in the day. Here now, for the first time in many years, the two of them were hugging, holding each other and connecting. Chelsea came up to me and hugged me. Dad was so ecstatic. Now he told me he knew what it meant to be there for his daughter, to show her how much he cares. Chelsea sat on the couch hugging one of the female producers as dad proceeded to profusely thank me for giving him back his family. (I also had done a highly successful session with mom.) Dad told me that 11 years of therapy had done nothing to help Chelsea and here in one day I had changed her life and his family. Chelsea looked so peaceful, so relieved. So much of her anger had gone away. And as she had told me in trance, when she had trusted, the trust had gone away. Now she could trust again, and in less than 2 hours since our initial talk the girl who had said he father was trash was now expressing to and receiving love from her father.

Incidentally, Chelsea had been diagnosed with various “disorders” – ADD, ADHD and almost bi-Polar. The psychiatrist said he believed she is bi-polar but too young to fully diagnose. Chelsea had no organic disorder, she simply had a lack of love and the feeling that she couldn’t be and didn’t deserve to be loved. Now she had been set free.

I now did a monologue to camera explaining my feelings on the successes of the day and highlighted that, “from my heart I believe that the answer to all of our ailments, pain, self-doubt and even judgment of ourselves and others come from a lack of love.”

I was to do more work with them the following day. I cannot say that all of their problems have been fully healed but I can attest to the fact that the love that now replaced the hatred and anger was so present and prevalent that it had changed the energy of the entire house as expressed and witnessed by the crew and family itself. The next day, Chelsea came up to me and hugged me as I was walking through the dining room.

Can there be anything more fulfilling than being a miracle for somebody else?

I exclaimed at the outset of writing this story that my life had also been changed for I realized and felt it so deeply, of the importance for the nourishment of our soul, to have someone, someone we love and care about, show and express their love and care for us; that it is vital to our life force to feel the love, support and encouragement of that special person.

Thus, I hope that in reading this story and my awakening, together they might inspire you to reach out to the people you love and care for – and show it to them now, free of fear and self-doubt.

Patrick Wanis
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist


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    Chris Burres says:

    This piece moved me to tears. You are a great healer, a great writer and a great friend. I appreciate you and everything you do to help other people. I am proud to work with you. Keep up the great work.

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