Patrick Swayze’s Loving Goodbye

Patrick Swayze's Loving Goodbye

Patrick Swayze’s Loving Goodbye

Originally published in The National Enquirer – May 2009

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Patrick’s Loving Goodbye

As the realization set in that he would soon lose his courageous battle against pancreatic cancer, actor Patrick Swayze bid a loving farewell to his closest friends and family.

Patrick – who has spent the last 16 months undergoing grueling cancer treatments and endless nights of pain and suffering – has lost his hair and nearly half of his body weight, but not his strength of character or his undying message of hope.

“Patrick, of course, would like to live for many more years, but he has had a life that most people can only dream of, so he has always been very grateful,” said a close family friend.

“He chose to fight and try to beat the odds, but he’s said in the past he didn’t have a choice, you play the cards you are dealt and go on.”

Although unable to speak because of sores in his mouth and throat caused by his chemotherapy treatments, Patrick has communicated with his wife of more than 30 years, Lisa Niemi , and brother Donny by pointing or writing notes, revealed the friend.

“Patrick has never stopped showing Lisa that he loved her and is happy they had their time together. He also let Donny know – by squeezing his hand – that he loves him and wrote a note to him to please look after Lisa.”

His final days are filled with simple pleasures – sitting outside on his patio during the day and sleeping near a window at night so he can look at the moon. His family has had work done at his New Mexico ranch so that he can stay there in his frail condition. Those close to Patrick say he will likely want to die at his beloved ranch, his favorite place on Earth.

“Patrick is a class act, and people could learn a lot from him about how to live life to the fullest and how to die with dignity,” continued the friend.

During his illness, Patrick has been moved by the many letters he receives from fans telling him what an inspiration he’s been.

“His answer is to smile and say that they inspire him just as much,” said the friend. “He has made sure to let his family know how much his fans mean to him.”

Dr. Patrick Wanis, who is renowned for his expertise in the mind-body connection, says that Swayze has been a role model for those with terminal diseases.

“His fight is certain to inspire other cancer sufferers – and anyone faced with a life-threatening illness – to live their lives filled with hope, not fear,” Dr. Wanis told The ENQUIRER
“He showed us how old-fashioned courage and discipline, along with a quiet grace and introspection, give our lives dignity.”

Added the friend: “Patrick wants to fight the cancer in a way that will help other people – and he certainly has done that.”

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