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Soul mates, Past lives and Past Life Regression

Soul mates, Past lives and Past Life Regression
Soul mates, Past lives and Past Life Regression
Soul mates, Past lives and Past Life Regression

Recently, I received a question from a reader: “I heard that we can discover our soul mates by using Past Life Regression. What is Past Life Regression? Have we lived many past lives?”

“Regression” refers to going back in time. All real hypnotherapy involves some sort of regression. This is vastly different to “command hypnosis.” In the latter, the hypnotist simply hypnotizes the client and then commands him or her to do something (eat less, exercise more, stop smoking, etc.) This approach has limited benefits and usually only works for a short while because the client must have the same subconscious desire for the commands, and the commands must fit in with other subconscious beliefs. In other words, the dominant belief will always eventually win e.g. A person who says she wants to lose weight is hypnotized and told to do so, but, if her deeper dominant belief is “intimacy equals rejection” then she may soon put on the weight again if as a result of having lost the weight she now begins to experience intimacy.

On the other hand, Hypnotherapy (not command hypnosis) uncovers the reasons and motivations behind the behavior that the client wishes to change. So, in the above example, I would not command the person to lose weight but I would first uncover the reasons she is choosing to be overweight which, in this case, is because she fears intimacy and rejection. I then, would take her back in time (regress her) to when she first took on the belief that intimacy equals rejection and/or when she first experienced rejection and pain.

Past Life Regression involves the belief that we have previously lived here on this earth – either as a man or as a woman, and possibly many times. It also incorporates the belief that we have lived many lives because we have many lessons to learn and we keep coming back until that lesson is learned, and once we have learned the lesson then we return to God. Ultimately, it is believed that there is only one lesson, Unconditional Love. Past Life Regression involves taking the client back in time, through childhood, through time in the womb and then further back until former lives are uncovered. I believe that Past Life Regression, in a therapeutic setting, be used to uncover the origins of the patterns that keep repeating in the client’s present life. In other words, the issue, block or belief in the present life might be traced back to an event in a past life. At that point, the Hypnotherapist must do the necessary work and process to help the client to change the belief, bring about healing and thus end the client’s unfavorable and disempowering pattern.

Below are some excerpts from my book “Soul Mates – Discovering, Sharing and Loving” which explain the link between soul mates and former lives:

“Here is the key – right now in your life you are surrounded by a number of soul mates – generally five. These soul mates are the closest people to you. This group may include your mother, father, brother, sister, some other relative, best friend or a love partner. These soul mates would be the people who have been with you in other lifetimes and who are here helping you grow. These are the people who love you, challenge you, teach you, support you, honor you, encourage you, serve you and help you directly or indirectly to learn more about your true nature and essence – love… 

Almost everyone has experienced love at first sight. You meet or see someone for the first time, you may not even have spoken yet and somehow you feel a strange inexplicable attraction.   There is a fascination not based on physical attraction. You feel a bond, a connection, an affinity – almost as if you already know each other.  You may stay up all night talking or you may enjoy a comfortable silence with each other. Time and distance play no part in your relationship. You feel close regardless of when or where you last saw each other. And if you haven’t seen each other in a long time, when you do meet again, it feels like you were together just yesterday. You might find yourself saying the following: 

  •  “I know we’ve just met but I feel   like I already know you.”
  •  “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know you.”
  •  “It feels like we’ve known each other for years – maybe forever.”
  •  “When I’m with you I feel complete – as if I’m home.”
  •  “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

This is what we refer to as the soul connection. It’s the bond that goes beyond physical attraction. It involves a mental, emotional and spiritual connection.  And don’t be surprised if you experience this with someone of the same sex. It may or may not involve obvious romance… the soul connection is not limited by sex, age, culture, geography, distance or time…

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, many clients have requested that we use hypnotherapy so they can experience Past Life Regression. One was a Mexican man who approached me after one of my hypnosis shows in Cancun. He told me that he believed he and his girlfriend knew each other in a former lifetime. I asked him how he knew that and he replied, “I just know!”  I hypnotized him, took him back in time, and he was right. Sometime in the 12th century, he was about to marry a girl who was the same girl he was now with and about to marry. Their challenges were the same then as now. It seemed he hadn’t yet learned his lesson of balance – of give and take, of considering the other person’s feelings and needs.   He was neglecting her and spending more time with his friends than with her. He saw and understood that he hadn’t treated her well in the past life and he also realized that his current relationship was missing something that prevented it from being fulfilling for either of them.  

He subsequently corrected his behavior, became more understanding and conscious of the needs of his soon-to-be wife and partner.

The last time we spoke, they were both very happy.  Another client who underwent Past Life Regression with me was able to identify almost seven people that she knew in former lives in her present life… “ 

From the Patrick Wanis’ book: “Soul Mates – Discovering, Sharing & Loving”
Also read Wanis’ second soul mates book: “Soul Mates – Find your perfect match now”  

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