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Valentine’s Day Tips For Hollywood’s Worst Lovers

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - Valentine's Day tips for Hollywood's worst lovers. Photo: Celebrity  Big Brother 2013 UK
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - Valentine's Day tips for Hollywood's worst lovers. Photo: Celebrity  Big Brother 2013 UK
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt – Valentine’s Day tips for Hollywood’s worst lovers. Photo: Celebrity  Big Brother 2013 UK

On Valentine’s Day, we long to spend time with the person who has captured our heart, hoping that he or she will demonstrate and prove to us the depth of their love. So how should Hollywood’s worst lovers be spending their Valentine’s Day?

We turned to Los Angeles based Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior & Relationship Expert Patrick Wanis PhD for his insights and analysis into the top 5 worst celebrity lovers and what they should do on the most romantic day of the year. Here is his advice and suggestions:

5. Camille Grammer: Should spend the day with herself since Camille seems to only love herself By being alone on Valentine’s Day, Camille might bring about a few awakenings and insights into who she really is and she might even begin to find authentic self-love. Camille has failed in getting sympathy from the public in spite of husband Kelsey Grammer’s announcement that he is dumping her for yet another younger woman. In attempts to ensure she gets a generous amount of money from Kelsey for their divorce settlement; Camille has now backed away from her former claims that Kelsey is a cross-dresser. A day alone on Valentine’s Day might be just what Camille needs to also learn that constantly being on TV isn’t always in the best interests of your children, your marriage or your divorce settlement.

4. Jesse James: If you believe that you are so hated, then seek redemption by spending Valentine’s Day doing charity work Jesse James cheated on his former wife Sandra Bullock multiple times over 11 months and then he cried to the world on ABC television “I am the most hated man in the world” which, of course, reflects a grandiose and overly inflated sense of self. Time to put other people first and achieve fulfillment by helping other needy people.

3. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Spend Valentine’s Day with Spencer working on a budget and spend more wisely Heidi and Spencer staged a fake divorce last year in the hopes of raising some extra cash to splash after they blew $10 million on a lavish lifestyle and plastic surgery. Unfortunately Heidi has been swallowed up by the Hollywood pit and unable to find her real self and real value, she has fake breasts, a fake divorce and even renewed her wedding vows calling her first wedding fake!

2. Charlie Sheen: Spend the day reflecting The bad boy doesn’t realize that he’s not an adolescent anymore and that he has a serious problem and it’s not just the desire to party all night with escorts or porn actresses; Charlie has a problem with misogyny. The best way for Charlie Sheen to spend Valentine’s day is to focus on love – forgiving himself and forgiving that one woman with whom he is still angry at and which causes him to project that anger by assaulting a woman (his ex-wife Brooke Mueller) or trashing a hotel.

1. Mel Gibson & Oksana: Should spend Valentine’s Day apart.  Mel should spend his day with his children and ex-wife and teach others that loving the bottle doesn’t succeed because it eventually leaves one empty Mel Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana bring out the worst in each other so it is good that they are apart – particularly on Valentine’s Day. Oksana is hoping to catch Mel Gibson’s wallet rather than his heart as she continues to battle him in court for more money. She would be best served spending Valentine’s Day pondering what real love is and recognizing that love of money doesn’t equal happiness and never compensates for self-loathing, greed or revenge.

And what are the chances of any of the above suggestions actually occurring? “Sadly, it would be a real surprise and shock if any of these celebrities would actually spend the day of love exploring real self-love versus narcissistic love” concludes Dr. Wanis.

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Valentine’s Advice for Hollywood’s ‘Worst Lovers’:

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis PhD, is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author, Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Health Psychology. Wanis has appeared on FOX News, MSNBC, Extra, the Montel Williams Show, Mike and Juliet, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, InTouch Weekly, Women’s Health, Dating on Demand, E! TV, Vh1,,,, NY Daily Mail, NY Post, Vogue Australia, FHM, etc. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him “A voice for women.” Over five million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.

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