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Are You Ready To Get Over Your Ex?

Discover The Secrets To A Happy & Loving Relationship

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Are You Tired Of Living In The Past?

Do You Wish You Could Get Over Him?

Then Read On To Discover The Real Reason Behind Your Breakup, How To Mend Your Broken Heart And Restore Your Wellbeing In Less Than 30 Days From Now!

It's depressing, isn't it?

Even though many women will try to get over their breakups this year, very few will succeed.

Some women will believe they will never fall in love again. Others will feel guilty and ashamed, blaming themselves for what happened. And all will cry for months.

You hope as the days pass, your life will get back in place, but you end up even more depressed and confused.

It’s frustrating. 

It’s humiliating. 

It’s exhausting.

Your days may look like this...

Past two in the morning – you’re on your fourth glass of wine, wearing his sweater because it still smells like him. You’re the saddest girl in the world, with a torn heart — and a certainty that getting over him is impossible.

You’re so in love with a person incapable of giving you what you needed.

You gave him every last shred of your self-esteem. You suffered through an unhealthy, demoralizing relationship. With hopes that time will get him to love you more, to change, or at least try.

But he didn’t.

Now, are you consumed with despair, confusion, and anger?

Are you devastated by the end of a relationship that should have lasted forever?

Have you cried your soul out into glass after glass of wine, smoked packs of cigarettes, and lost your appetite?

Why is life like this?

Why does it feel like you’ll never get over this endless cycle of pain and obsession?

What’s really stopping you from regaining your capacity to function again?

You might have looked for help, leaned on friends, made new friends, shopped excessively… and distracted yourself with anything and everything!

Maybe, you’ve even had other boyfriends who loved you despite the fact you’ve been so obsessed with the past.

I’m NOT going to tell you that there are nearly 8 billion people in the world waiting to meet you and connect with you… Because I understand.

I understand you had a strong bond with him for you to grieve in this way.

Listen, if you feel like this, let me just reassure you that you’re not the only one. And let me tell you that it’s NOT your fault if you’ve been unable to get over him.

You see, the reason why you cannot wean off those painful emotions is because right now… 

You can't get over your Ex because you Are Stuck In A Destructive Loop Of Blame, Shame And Guilt

Have you tried shining a positive light on your relationship?

Have you tried putting a negative emphasis on the relationship?

Have you consulted your friends? They’ve gone through breakups, right?

Have you tried staying busy?

Have you tried tapping into your inner-self and connecting with your emotions?

Have you got rid of anything that reminded you of him?

Have you imposed the dreaded ‘no contact rule’?

Have you tried a bazillion different techniques?

But nothing works… 

Nothing seems to help. You’re fed up with the advice online. The hundreds of listicles that state more or less the same things – distract, distract… DISTRACT yourself and you’ll get over it.

Will you?

If God forbid you had cancer, would you distract yourself from it? Would you just let it be?

Or would you actually do something about it?

What People Are Saying About Patrick

I've had lots of relationships in my life, but I didn't learned what I needed to learn to make this relationship work until I met Patrick.

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No More Suffering, Awful Relationships, Or Self-Sabotaging​

PW Circle Pic 2

Hi, name is Patrick Wanis and I’m a Ph D relationship expert with multiple appearances on CNN, Fox News, CBS News, MTV, VH1, BBC News, and more. I’ve also helped many celebrities including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Diana Falzone, Hulk Hogan, Tiffany Granath, and Montel Williams.

My work has changed the lives of over five million people and I have found through my experience that anyone free themself from suffering, awful relationships, and self-sabotaging. 

You can be happy, free, strong, confident, and attractive again.

Introducing the Get Over Your Ex Now Program

The Quick And Pain-Free Way To Get Over Your Ex And Live A Fulfilling Life

Get Over Your Ex Now! The Breakup Cure is a detailed, step-by-step, no-fluff blueprint which shows you exactly how to get over your breakup – regardless of how it happened and how devastating it might be.

No more guesswork! You’ll get instant access to my top-secret breakup formula that will help you determine WHY your relationship really fell apart.

Bring Love Back To Your Life

In this 8 Hour Audiobook Program, you will be guided each step of the way with the Get Over Your Ex Program. Begin to understand your core values and needs, learn how to avoid toxic relationships, and give yourself the healing and relief you need to let go of the hurt and anger you experienced from the break up.

Understand Yourself

Set the foundation to love yourself fully and discover your true motivators in life. Understand your love language and uncover needs that you may not be aware of.

Find True Happiness

You deserve a happy, loving, and fulfilling relationship full of passion, intimacy and commitment. You deserve to have a partner who truly loves and adore you!

Eliminate Shame, Guilt, & Fear

Learn how to regain control of your emotions and relationships by freeing yourself from painful past experiences that limits you with shame, guilt, and fear.

Who is this program for?

It's for women who...

Here's what you'll learn:

8 hours of priceless and extraordinary insights with strategies to help you get over your Ex. PLUS, 4 free bonuses



Understanding Yourself

This phase is about uncovering what truly guides you in life. To understand your love language and uncover the needs you don’t even know you have.

In this section, you’ll:



Secrets To Happy Relationships

By the end of this section, you’ll know how to decipher the dynamics of relationships and understand what’s required to make a relationship happy & successful.

In this section, you’ll:



Transforming Shame, Guilt,
Fear, and Forgiveness

Once you finish this section, you’ll have all the necessary tools to fine-tune and regain control of your emotions, your relationships, and your life.

In this section, you’ll:

And Additional Bonuses

To help you in your journey...


Secrets To Getting Over It!

Get even more insights and practical exercises to let go of pain, the past, and to forgive yourself.

In this section, you’ll:


Premium Hypnosis Companion

When I started hypnosis and meditation, my life changed forever – it gave me an awareness of myself like never before, along with an increased awareness of the effect I had on others.

So far, I’ve conducted this UNRELEASED hypnosis only on premium coaching sessions – now, it’s yours to listen to every day. In it, you’ll find the KEY to dissolving your fears, and moving through barriers such as getting over your ex.

Listen to it for 25 minutes daily to set yourself free from any negative emotions & pains.

Please do NOT listen while driving or operating any machinery — you may get hurt.

The FORGOTTEN Interview
w/ Honey La Rochelle

In this never-released-before interview-style audio program, you’ll discover…

How To Get Over It Vol. II

In this complementary ebook to the Forgotten Interview, you’ll discover:


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It has worked for celebrities and 1,000s of women. If you implement the things you learn inside, it WILL work for you.

In the highly unlikely case that you follow this program and it doesn’t work for you, contact me at within 30 days after purchase and I’ll refund every penny.

If you also send me proof that you’ve tried everything I teach inside and it still hasn’t worked for you, then I’ll double your money back!

You’re just a click away from getting rid of your heartache.

It’s totally up to you. If you choose to implement right away – you’ll notice some results right away. You will NOT get over your ex in a few hours, but I made this program as easy to follow as possible, so if you implement, you’ll notice changes in your life.

Right away. Proceed to payment. Enter your details. And you’ll get the program delivered straight to your inbox.

Your order is secure. Click the button below to be taken to a secure payment form.

Just contact us at and my team will answer your question as soon as possible.

This program is designed to help women of all ages who want to get over their ex regardless of how heart-wrenching their breakup was- regardless whether it happened weeks, months, or even years ago.

You can get other programs for cheaper, but they aren’t going to work. This system is fail-proof. It has helped 1,000s get through devastating breakups and it hasn’t failed a single person that has implemented the techniques taught inside.

On top of that, the system costs $6,900 in private coaching sessions.You get it for a TINY fraction of the price & you get tons of bonuses along the way.

Get Started Now

You Are Worthy, Good Enough, And Lovable!

You can spend the rest of today… tomorrow… and after-tomorrow moping around the house, being depressed and crying about not being with your ex anymore. Or you can take action and get over him now.

The go-to way to heal a broken heart is to cry all the time and buy yourself things you don’t exactly need, but you very much want. Direct Line found that women spend on average $1,577 on the aftermath of a relationship. And then comes the loss of opportunities due to continuous grieving.

Is it really worth it? Is it worth wasting more time, energy, emotion, and money on the wrong man?

You can never get your time, energy or money back…

Take advantage of this special introductory price and order now for just $543.99 $39. Get over you Ex and attract love with someone who meets your needs!

Starter Program

Get over your Ex Now
$ 11
  • Includes
  • Understanding Yourself - Module 1
  • Secrets to Happy Relationships - Module 2

Complete Program
All Bonuses

Get over your Ex Now
$ 39
  • Includes
  • Understanding Yourself - Module 1
  • Secrets to Happy Relationships - Module 2
  • Transofmring Shame, Guilt, Fear and Forgiveness - Module 3
  • Bonus 1 - Secrets to Getting Over it!
  • Bonus 2 - Premium Hypnosis Companion - Remove negative emotions & pains.
  • Bonus 3 - The Forgotten Interview
  • Bonus 4 - How to Get Over It Vol II

Recover Program

Get over your Ex Now
$ 29
  • Includes
  • Understanding Yourself - Module 1
  • Secrets to Happy Relationships - Module 2
  • Transforming Shame, Guilt, Fear and Forgiveness - Module 3
  • Bonus 1 - Secrets to Getting Over it!
  • Bonus 2 - Premium Hypnosis Companion - Remove negative emotions & pains.
2 bonuses