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Is It Cheating? What Are The Boundaries?

Is It Cheating? What Are The Boundaries - Patrick Wanis
Is It Cheating? What Are The Boundaries
Is It Cheating? What Are The Boundaries

Is cheating kissing or sleeping with someone? What are the boundaries? And is cheating only physical or can there also be, “emotional cheating”?

In the 2003 motion picture, Anger Management, Jack Nicholson plays Dr. Buddy Rydell who is assigned to help Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) control his anger. In one scene, Nicholson tries to tempt Sandler into hitting-on a girl at a bar. Sandler who already has a girlfriend responds with “Flirting is cheating’s first cousin, Buddy!” But is it?  What constitutes cheating?  Human Behavior & Relationship Expert and author of “Get the man you want!”, Patrick Wanis has compiled a quiz on cheating. Take the quiz and then compare your answers with Wanis’ response below.

Is It Cheating?  -Yes or No 

  1. You French kiss a co-worker at an office party? —
  2. You kiss the stripper at your bachelor party? —
  3. You (the woman) kiss another woman? —
  4. You watch adult movies on your own?–
  5. You go out for dinner with someone who you know is interested in you?–
  6. If you have phone sex? —
  7. If you excessively use MySpace, talking to people of the opposite sex? —
  8. If you have sex while on a break from a relationship? —
  9. If you are in a casual but sexually exclusive relationship and you date other people but don’t have sex?–
  10. You secretly talk to your EX? —
  11. You undress and put to bed your drunk friend?–
  12. You hang out with a friend topless on beach?–
  13. You go to a nude beach?–
  14. You dirty dance with a friend or stranger – touching and grinding each other?–

Answers by Patrick Wanis:
“For most people, the term cheating refers to being sexually unfaithful but the dictionary also defines cheating as deceiving someone. In a committed relationship, the definition of cheating needs to be clearly determined and defined by each partner, and acceptable to both. For example, some couples are OK with a partner flirting and even kissing someone else – of either sex. In some of the scenarios in the quiz above, it may not be a case of clear cheating but it might still be wrong and hurtful!

Do you want to know the expert’s answers to the above test and quiz?

Click here and find out what Patrick Wanis reveals about cheating in its many forms and which above listed actions are harmless and which ones can split apart your relationship:

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author and an Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist with degrees in Communication, Human Behavior and Journalism. Wanis is the Human Behavior & Relationship Expert for American Media. Wanis coaches and works with various celebrities. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him ”A voice for women.” Over four million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish including: “Soul Mates”, “Finding God”, “Get What You Want!”, “Get the man you WANT!” “How to Get Over It”, and; “What a Woman Wants.” He recently coached and hypnotized Hulk Hogan and family for relaxation and healing as part of the VH1 series, Hogan Knows Best.  Visit him on-line at

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