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List of Articles Quoting Patrick Wanis


List And Links To Articles That Quote Patrick Wanis, PhD Behavior & Relationship Expert And Celebrity Life Coach

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  1. Attachment Styles May Predict Relationship Quality
  2. Human Behavior Expert Dr. Patrick Wanis: “We Are Hardwired For Connection” 
  3. Human Behavior Expert Dr. Patrick Wanis: “5 Things I Learned From The Social Isolation of the COVID19 Pandemic”
  4. Dr. Patrick Wanis On The Right Time To Move In With Your Partner 
  5. Intense Emotions May Be the Hardest to Understand, Study Shows
  6. Why Are Divorce Rates With Seniors So High? Behavioral Expert Dr. Patrick Wanis Explains!
  7. People Add Rather Than Subtract To Solve Problems, Study Finds
  8. Dealing with Divorce With Dr. Patrick Wanis
  9. Moral Outrage, Acting On Beliefs Appeal To Women In Search Of Partner, Study Shows
  10. Dr. Patrick Wanis: Is there a number of divorces makes someone undateable?
  11. Relationship Expert Dr. Patrick Wanis – Breakups
  12. Unfortunately, anger is still the default emotion for men
  13. How to Affect Positive Change for Karen-Labeled Behavior
  14. How To Control Your Anger With These Apps
  15. A Smart Approach to Overcoming Habitually Excessive Behaviors
  16. ‘It’s harder to read each other’: How face masks and social distancing can impact relationships
  17. Get Over Your Ex Now!
  18. Wait, it’s Saturday? How to make the weekend shine in lockdown when days blur
  19. Psychologists told how to watch the news and avoid stress [in Russian – RIA Novosti news agency}
  20. Experts in America tell how to survive quarantine without stress [in Russian – RIA Novosti news agency}
  21. How to be a good housemate when living in shared accommodation
  22. Romance-scams during Covid-19: The complete guide to recognize, avoid, and report them
    (published in 6 countries, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand)
  23. What makes Coronavirus Headlines (real and fake) go viral?
  24. Living apart together: close but not too much
    Print version archived here: 
  25. This is what Brits are searching for the most in online dating
  26. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and other celebrities with the coronavirus: Here’s why they make pandemic feel ‘more real’
  27. Living Apart Together: Close But Not Too Much
  28. 7 Therapist-Approved Ways to Deal with Dating Rejection
  29. How to Stop Fighting so Much, According to Relationship Experts
  30. Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to ‘escape’ looks like a carefully laid plan
  31. Impeachment, Politics, and Keeping the Peace at Holiday Gatherings
  32. 20 Things to Talk About With Your S.O. Besides “So, How Was Your Day?”
  33. Rise of the ‘Wife Guy’: Men who post about their partners at the center of a viral trend 
  34. On Setbacks and the Pain of Suffering – Quotes and Resources
  35. Why Solo Travel In A Relationship Is Healthy, According To Experts
  36. Stuck In Constant Worry and Fear? Don’t Worry, You Will Never Feel Unsafe Again
  37. Why we will really mourn the deaths of beloved ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ characters 
  38. When Can You Actually Trust A Liar?
  39. Signs You Want a Relationship With Your Hookup Buddy
  40. 6 Ways to Make Your Relationship Better
  41. How to Have a Healthy Fight With Your Partner
  42. 4 Things You’ll Notice About Yourself When You’re Starting To Heal From Heartbreak
  43. How fighting with your spouse can make you sick
  44. Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, and Why We Blame Women for Male Substance Abuse
  45. 7 Signs Your Partner Was Emotionally Abused By Their Ex
  46. How Ugly Arguments with Your Partner Can Open the Door to Disease
  47. Here’s the scientific reason you’re reaching for Aretha Franklin music right now
  48. Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis Analyzes How Men and Women Deal With Breakups in His Free Online Breakup Test
  49. A Rising Tide of Hate; What You Do Matters
  50. Is Your Marriage Going Through a Normal Rough Patch or Something Worse?
  51. Is Closure Real? A Relationship Expert Weighs In On Whether You Can Get It After A Breakup
  52. Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis Helps Clients Improve Their Relationship With Themselves To Create Healthy Relationships With Others
  53. How To Get Closure After A Breakup & Move On, Even If Years Have Gone By
  54. 4 Signs You’re in Lust, Not Love
  55. What To Do If Your Partner Is Selfish In Bed
  56. 3 Reasons Why You Might Not Actually Want a Relationship
  57. BrainTap Radio with Dr. Patrick Porter interviews Dr. Patrick Wanis about SRTT technique and how it helps rapidly change behavior
  58. Ghosting Leaves People Behind In Mystery
  59. 13 California kids locked in a house of horrors — Just one hero could have saved them so much sooner
  60. 13 Children held captive; some shackled and malnourished – Stockholm Syndrome
  61. The incredible message you may have missed from Holly Butcher, a 27-year-old dying woman
  62. 5 Texting Behaviors That Mean They’re Interested
  63. 7 Ways to Deal When You Want to DTR & They Don’t
  64. Ellen DeGeneres proves she’s a hypocrite with sexist tweet of herself staring at Katy Perry’s breasts
  65. Las Vegas shooting: Fear and anxiety won’t control us. Love will
  66. It’s so easy to focus on the hate. That’s why Houston’s human spirit humbles me so much
  67. 11 Subtle Signs You’re In Love, Whether It’s With Your Partner Or Someone Else
  68. 11 Interesting & Easy Ways To Become More Emotionally Resilient
  69. Take This “Breakup Test” To Determine How To Get Over Your Ex
  70. Time (Doesn’t) Heal All Wounds After A Breakup: Relationship Expert Reveals How To Get Over Your Ex
  71. Dominant Submissive Relationships In The Bedroom: Why BDSM Couples Like Having Rough Sex
  72. The Psychology of Hate
  73. 5 Signs You Are Too Good For Your Significant Other
  74. The 5 Biggest Communication Mistakes & How to Fix Them
  75. 5 Weird Things Guys Do & What They Actually Mean
  76. 5 Conversations You Need to Have Before Sex
  77. 5 Things to Do If He’s Bad at Texting
  78. 4 ways to rekindle the fire in your relationship
  79. Should we forgive Josh Duggar? Behavior expert explains.
  80. Should we forgive Josh Duggar? Behavior expert explains. [TV Guide]
  81. Robin Williams and depression –
  82. #BreakTheStigma: 3 Mental Disorder Myths We Need to Stop Using
  83. 6 Signs You’re Dating a Machista Man
  84. 4 Expert Tips for Co-Living With an Extrovert Roommate
    Site defunct – archived here (
  85. How to overcome the damage caused by toxic relationships
  86. Man 2.0: Is it tougher for men to embrace change than women?
  87. How to handle domestic abuse when your child is the aggressor
  88. 4 Relationship Killing Lies
  89. The Columbiners: When a fascination with violence becomes a reality
  90. Playboy has Terry Richardson shoot entire issue despite past assault claims
  91. How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is contributing to shift in norms on sexuality
  92. The Columbiners: When a fascination with violence becomes a reality
  93. Miley Cyrus takes heat for ‘Free The Nipple’ Instagram posts
  94. Renee Zellweger’s changed face a result of ‘insecurities,’ source says
  95. Why saying get over it doesn’t work for people (Also references Law of Deservedness by Patrick Wanis)
  96. When it’s Good to Compromise in Your Relationship (& When it’s Bad)
  97. Robin Williams dead of suspected suicide: Are comedians more plagued by depression than other stars?
  98. Amanda Bynes’ mental stability questioned again
  99. Hollywood’s attack on men: Will the industry change its gender stereotyping following UN summit?
  100. Why Can’t we forgive Ray Rice?
  101. Can Ray Rice ultimately be forgiven?
  102. Robin Williams dead of suspected suicide: Are comedians more plagued by depression than other stars?
  103. Has America Become More Beautiful? Why You Should Care and Why It Matters
    Read the archived copy here ( now defunct –
  104. The Truth About Dating Older or Younger Guys
  105. 7 Things You Should Never Have to Settle For
  106. The Pros and the Cons of Taking a Sabbatical From Your Marriage
  107. Jerry Cook, Ph.D. “I Survived. Now What?: Finding Meaning From Loss.” 2016 Quotes Wanis and his therapy technique as a tool for grieving and loss in his book
  108. Compromising positions: Do you want marriage or a career?
    (Quotes Wanis as “WOMAN EXPERT”)
  109. Emotional Mojo (7 articles written by Wanis) – Mojo website now defunct
  110. Speak Your Truth – With Compassion (Archived here: )
  111. Overcoming Fantasy Procrastination
  112. Overcoming Resistance So You Can Enjoy Life
    (Archived and updated here: )
  113. Beware Of The Guilt Throwers And Guilt Catchers (archived here: )
  114. 5 Tips To Handle Adults Who Throw Tantrums (archived and updated here:
  115. 5 Tips To Rid Yourself Of Emotional Vampires
  116. Forgiving The Unforgivable (archived here:
  117. Has Miley Cyrus finally taken it too far with topless kid pics?
  118. Oprah accused of exploiting Lindsay Lohan in post-rehab reality series
  119. In 5 Minutes: Get Rid of A Toxic Friend…-get-rid-of-a-toxic-friend/1372/1/
  120. Which stars fell the furthest in 2013?
  121. Is Kanye West losing his cool appeal? And is Kim Kardashian to blame?
  122. Source: Brooke Mueller granted overnight visitation with twins, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen impeding custody efforts
  123. Your guide to the porn-y fall movie season: Has Hollywood gone too far?
  124. Inside Hollywood rehabs: Are the facilities just overpriced and useless?
  125. Is Kate Middleton’s ‘mummy tummy’ coverage disrespectful to women?
  126. Is Willow Smith’s ‘Summer Fling’ too mature for a 12-year-old?
  127. Shocker! Department store uses models’ actual bodies to advertise lingerie
  128. Brad Pitt: I was on drugs during marriage to Jennifer Aniston
  129. What do men want? What do women want?
    Read the archived copy here (June 7th, 2010 in Dating Top 10 –
  130. Secrets To Losing Weight, Being Thin & Loving Your Body
    Read the archived copy here (January 10th, 2011 in Wellness –
  131. Source: Dr. Drew went ‘above and beyond’ trying to help Mindy McCready
  132. Dr. Drew Did Everything He Could To Help Mindy McCready?
  133. La dieta del Oscar (Spanish Magazine – Colombia)
  134. The top celebrity meltdowns of 2012
  135. Could Halle Berry’s Domestic Drama Hurt Her Career?
  136. Lady Gaga y Madonna: ¿cuál es la reina?
  137. Expert: Octomom’s rehab, porn career bode ill for her 14 children
  138. Christina Aguilera’s Curves Could Land Her a New Job with a $3 Million Payday
  139. “Reality TV’s Little Girls Problem”
  140. Los nuevos reyes de la taquilla – (Spanish Mag – Semana – Colombia)
  141. Un misterio rosa
  142. La muerte les sienta bien
  143. Una salida difícil
  144. La cenicienta negra
  145. ¿No va más?
  146. Jessica Simpson slammed for dressing four-month-old daughter Maxwell in bikini
  147. How women made porn fashionable
  148. Qualities all faithful men have
  149. Why We Take Celebs Deaths So Hard
  150. Do Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have super self-confidence, or a personality disorder?
  151. Fairy tale divorce? Why Tom Cruise is portrayed as the evil villain and Katie Holmes the fair princess
  152. Can marriage survive children?
    Read the archived copy here ( now defunct –
  153. Can Kevin Jonas’ Marriage Survive Reality Show Curse? Expert Weighs In (EXCLUSIVE)
  154. The Expert: Mischa Barton, Facebook Are Symptoms Of ‘Me Generation’
  155. Teen takes on Seventeen, says magazine contributes to body image issues
  156. “What is the #1 tip for maintaining a happy relationship?”
    Read the full archived article here (website twoinfps is now defunct –
  157. What if Zimmerman wasn’t motivated by race?
  158. Stylewise – press release – Zimmerman
  159. Jean Twenge, W. Keith Campbell Narcissism Epidemic
    (Wanis is asked to review this book, his editorial review is included in the jacket, and Wanis is quoted in the book)
    Click here to read P. 25 for quotation
    A lot of the available information about narcissism is based on the mistaken idea that narcissists have low self-esteem underneath. An online site notes that narcissists “actually have low self-esteem and experience a sense of insecurity around others. It is this insecure feeling that leads them to project a grandiose image of themselves as perfect in many ways.” Celebrity Life Coach Patrick Wanis told MSNBC, “Paris Hilton is suffering from narcissism. Although she seems to be confident, she is in fact insecure, arrogant and has low self-esteem.”
  160. InvestiDate: How to Investigate Your Date: The Liars, Cheaters, Con Artists and Convicts Won’t Stand a Chance! [Paperback]
  161. Yummy quotes “Great relationship quotes” – 6 quotes by Wanis
  162. ‘Oscar curse’ may have merit: Study
  163. ‘Dance Moms’ ‘nude’ dance routine episode playground for pedophiles, experts say
  164. Outcry over pro-eating disorder websites inspired by Hollywood’s super-skinny celebs
  165. Whitney was warned
  166. MSN Guilty pleasures
  167. Celebrity sexting & young girls
  168. Bobby Brown should become a man
  169. NPR Radio: “Sweat lodge tragedy highlights lack of self-help industry regulations”
    Archived copy:
  170. “Gurus, Brainwashing & Cults”
    Site now defunct. Listen to interview here
    (original link:
  171. Resolve to please yourself
    Read the archived copy here (Tampa Bay print article not available online –
  172. MSN – New Years Resolutions You can Actually Keep
  173. It’s Not Easy Feeling Green With Envy (link not working)
  174. Are Guys Intimidated by Success? Why the Girl Who Has Everything Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend
  175. Always Feeling Like You Need A Guy: What’s With This?
  176. Charlie Sheen could face tragic end unless he confronts problems, needs to hit rock bottom: experts
  177. Charlie Sheen should confront his problems: Experts
  178. Young starlets use old antics to break out
  179. Sexualization of School-Aged Girls Harms Women of All Ages, Expert Says
  180. Compromising positions: do you want marriage or a career? –
  181. Does Height Matter? Analyzing Height Differences in Dating and Relationships
  182. What Older Guys Really Think About Dating College Girls
  183. Relationships – Beware of emotional vampires – Chances are you know someone who sucks the life right out of you. What can you do about these emotional vampires?
  184. Is addiction ruling your relationship?
  185. Cheating Rumors: Did Demi and Ashton Get What They Deserved?
  186. Fox News To Female Comedians: Be Sexy
  187. Chaz Bono Does NOT Have Just Four Years To Live
  188. Montel Williams – Explosive Anger
    IMDB –
  189. New York Daily News
  190. NY Observer
  191. Britney Spears ‘Mentally Incapable’ of Getting Married While Under Conservatorship
  192. Tattoos, Man Stealing: Is Jennifer Aniston Turning Into Angelina Jolie?
  193. Justin Bieber Earning Reputation for Being Hollywood’s Biggest Brat
  194. New Crop of Comediennes Combine Funny Bones With Banging Bodies
  195. CNN – My take: Casey Anthony and the challenge of forgiveness”
  196. MSN – Spring Cleaning for the Soul
  197. MSN: Love Lessons – Decoding The Desire For Bad Boys
  198. MSN: What His Bad Habit Says About Him – Manly Manners
  199. MSN: Cheaters, Deconstructed – An Expert Divulges Why Men Stray
  200. Why Powerful Men Cheat (link not working – copy of article here:
  201. The Casey Anthony Case And The Search For Closure
    (link not working – archived copy of article here: )
  202. When Sorry Isn’t Sincere
    (link not working – copy of archived article here: )
  203. Facebook PDA
    (link not working – copy of archived article here: )
  204. How A Self-Help Guru Brainwashed 3 People To Their Death
    (link not working – copy of archived article here: )
  205. When Did Jennfer Aniston Become The Bad Girl? (link not working – copy of archived article here: )
  206. Fathers and their Negative Impact on Daughters?
  207. Gurus, Brainwashing & Cults Interview
  208. Why women fall for bad boys – Australia’s Morning Show
  209. Summer Heat – Summer Lovin
  210. Are STDs a deal breaker?
  211. The new cheating – online (Australia’s The Morning Show)
  212. Easily caught with their pants down
    Read the archived copy here (Canberra Times, Australia –
  213. Anthony Weiner’s serial sexting, lewd emails suggest he was looking for a rush, experts say
  214. What are the most important questions to ask yourself before going into the dating world?
    Read the archived copy here (site now defunct )
  215. Why power couples split
  216. Fairytale endings: do they really still exist?
  217. Fame – why do some stars thrive while others meltdown?
  218. Self-Help Guru on Trial for Manslaughter
    TruTV In Session with Vinnie Politan)
  219. “Dating at a price” a new dating site where women set their price for men who want to date them:
  220. “Mattel’s Waxing and Shaving Monster High Doll Sparks Outrage” –
  221. Mattel under fire over doll that ‘encourages tweens to wax’
  222. “Do Wedding-Themed Reality Shows Make a Mockery of Marriage?”
  223. “Reality Show About Brides Competing For Plastic Surgery Gets Slammed”
  224. “Sexualization of School-Aged Girls Harms Women of All Ages, Expert Says”
  225. “Babies and High Heels? Would you put them on your baby girl?” –
  226. “Mattel Releases Waxing/Shaving Doll, Causes Controversy” –
  227. Valentine’s Day Advice For Hollywood’s Worst Leavers (link not working – copy here )
  228. Why Stars Wait To Dish About Marriages and Breakups
    162. (link not working)
  229. Charlie Sheen Could Face Tragic End Unless He Confronts Problems
  230. Barrack Obama, Bad Parenting And Lies? NAACP
    WLW 700 Scott Sloan 2008; link lost – copy of interview here:
  231. (not working – site changed)
  232. Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns 2010
  233. Summer’s Fatal Attraction: Sex Behind Your Partner’s Back,2933,282072,00.html
  234. Pop Tarts: Brooke Hogan ‘The Victim’ in Hulk’s Alleged Adultery With Her Best Friend?,2933,337414,00.html
  235. 2008’s Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns: Sex Scandals, Scuffles & Simple Stupidity,2933,467565,00.html
  236. Pop Tarts: Simon Says: If Ryan Seacrest Fails at Emmys, ‘Idol’ Will Suffer,2933,296287,00.html
  237. Pop Tarts: Hogan Hysteria: Brooke Suffering Breakdown; Hulk and Linda’s Fake’ Reunion?,2933,356567,00.html
  238. Pop Tarts: Erotic Eva Exposed: Mendes ‘Went for It’ With Joaquin Phoenix,2933,298722,00.html
  239. Pop Tarts: Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns: Who Went Mad and Made a Mess in 2007?,2933,317560,00.html
  240. Pop Tarts: More Than One Night in Pamela: Anderson to Marry Sex-Tape Salomon,2933,297805,00.html
  241. Pop Tarts: Spears Surrenders Her Sons,2933,298845,00.html
  242. ‘Earthquake Video Woman’ Tamtampamela Shakes Up the World of Internet Trolls
  243. Michael Jackson and the ‘extreme’ price of fame
  244. Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sales & Rebuilding your Credit – FINANCIAL RECOVERY
  245. Why Do Women Crave Romance? (originally published in March, 2oo8 – now defunct) archived copy here:
  246. The Expert: ‘How I Would Save Britney Spears’ Through Hypnosis
  247. How 2007 Separates Celebrity Wheat from Chaff
  248. The Expert: Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns of 2007!
    (link broken – copy of article here: )
  249. The Expert: Rules of Engagement for Paparazzi, Scientology
  250. The Expert: Curse of the Reality Show Romance
  251. The Expert: Ellen Degeneres is ‘Living Like She’s On an Island’
  252. The Expert: Josh Hartnett’s Face (Emotional, Paternalistic) Proves He’s Datable; Matthew Perry, Not So Much
  253. The Experts: “There’s Something Weird” About Lance and Ashley
  254. Emotional Vampires
    Article by Patrick Wanis – It’s All In The Journey Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  255. Soul Mates
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  256. Is Flirting Cheating’s First Cousin?
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  257. Why Women Can’t Enjoy Sex – It’s A Man’s World
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  258. Who Controls You? Take The Test
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  259. What Do Women Want?
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  260. What Do Men Want?
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  261. Is Your Partner Cheating On You? The Top Ten Red Flags
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  262. How High Maintenance Are You? Take The Test
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  263. Do Opposites Truly Attract – Personality Test
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  264. 10 Myths Women Have About Men
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  265. 10 Beliefs Men Have About Women
    Article by Patrick Wanis – RU Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  266. What Do Men Really Want?
    Article by Patrick Wanis – Positive Change Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  267. The Secret To Get What You Want!
    Article by Patrick Wanis -RU Magazine print edition (first published reference of Law of Deservedness) (PDF copy archived here)
  268. Guy Spy – Read Between The Lines
    Cosmopolitan Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)
  269. Communication Strategies
    Corporate Travel & Incentive Magazine print edition (PDF copy archived here)

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